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Association Manager | Site Manager

Jacob Wooten.jpg

Tel: (843) 297-8590 ext. 132

Jacob's journey with IMC Charleston began with his role as a Manager Trainee, and through dedication and a strong work ethic, he has risen to the position of On-site Community Association Manager. His progression reflects his commitment to learning and adapting in a dynamic field.

Currently studying at Trident Technical College, Jacob is preparing to complete his Associate in Arts degree. His academic ambitions extend to pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Public Policy. This path underscores his interest in understanding and contributing to the broader societal context in which he works.

In his personal life, Jacob is an enthusiastic photographer, a hobby that allows him to explore his creative side and stay connected with his surroundings. He also values the time spent with family and loved ones.

Jacob's approach to his role at IMC Charleston is characterized by a willingness to learn and grow. He brings a fresh perspective to his work, driven by a genuine desire to contribute positively to the communities he manages. His story is one of steady growth, underscored by a commitment to both his professional responsibilities and personal development.


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