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Welcome to Park at River's Edge, HPR (aka: Trace's & Reflections)...

The Park at River’s Edge, HPR a.k.a. Traces & Reflections is a separate Association within the Master Association of Park Recreational Development. When you own property in Traces & Reflections you belong to both Associations. Both Associations are separate and distinct and cover different aspects of life and living at The Park at Rivers Edge.


The Board of Directors for the Association maintains all the buildings and grounds in the condominium neighborhoods of Traces & Reflections.The board makes a great effort to keep the buildings and grounds in good repair throughout the year. New roofs were completed in 2006.Three buildings are painted each year on a seven-year cycle. The grounds are monitored and maintained as needed. When new plants are put in we ask the nearest residents to help water the plants until they are established. The board is also happy to furnish exterior touch-up paint for doors or trim if needed. Please contact the Association Manager five days in advance for this service. 


Traces & Reflections community is covered by the Master Deed and By-Laws, which can be found in the list below. We enforce The Rules and Regulations for the community, which are posted within these documents. These regulations are very important to the community in helping us to maintain a peaceful environment for everyone who calls Traces and Reflections home, and in continuing to keep the property values at a high. Traces & Reflections is also governed by the Architectural Review Committee for Park Recreational Development. If you want to make an exterior modifications to your property please submit a request for approval to the ARC. A request can take up to 30 days for approval.

A copy of the master insurance policy can be obtained by contacting The Steadman Agency at 800-549-7770. All Property Owners should also purchase a HO-6 policy to cover personal property, personal liability, loss of use/rents, loss assessment, and interior building improvements/upgrades exposures.

A copy of the CL100 termite bond can be obtained from Al’s Pest Control at 843-709-9004. They also do the interior monthly pest control at no charge for residents in Traces & Reflections who sign up for this service. Please contact your Association Manager for this service.

The Board of Directors for Traces & Reflections hopes you will enjoy living in our community and we do appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Assessment Information & Online Payments

There is a small fee for credit card payments, but E-Check payments are free!

Lockbox Payment Address:
Traces and Reflections, HPR
IMC Charleston Processing Center
PO Box 96956
Las Vegas NV 89193-6956

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